New Website for Women Veterans

Department of Labor (DOL) officials have launched a new website devoted to issues and challenges affecting women veterans. This site is a collaborative effort between the Department of Labor Department (DOL), the Veterans’ Employment Training Service and the Women’s Bureau.

The Labor Department is preparing for the 1.5 million transitioning service members over the next several years. Women veterans’ ability to find employment is lagging in comparison to male veterans. The site highlights potential challenges that may affect the economic security of women veterans, including: 

  • Disability: Women veterans are more likely than their male peers to have a significant service related disability. Thirty-five percent of women veterans have a disability rating of 50 percent or higher as compared with 26 percent of male veterans. 
  • Marital: Women veterans are nearly twice as likely to be divorced as male veterans - 18 percent vs. 10 percent. 
  • Single parents: Eleven percent of women veterans are raising children alone, compared to 4 percent of male veterans. 
  • While overall veterans have a higher median earnings than non-veterans, women veterans still tend to earn nearly $6,000 less annually than their male veteran counterparts.

The site also contains links with information on employment opportunities, education and health care options, and data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other government agencies.

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Until military families are relieved of the weight of war, we hope you will continue to contribute to their wellbeing.

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