New Options for Communicating with your Health Care Providers

TRICARE Management Activity (TMA), a component of the Military Health System, is rolling out an online application that allows patients to securely communicate with their medical staff at military treatment facilities (MTF). Only the patient and his or her health care team have access to messages to ensure confidentiality. Patients can use the online application to: 

  • Request appointments 
  • Request medication renewals 
  • Receive test and lab results 
  • Communicate online with the health care team about non-urgent symptoms 
  • Request a copy of immunization records 
  • Access a large library of patient education materials

The online system will allow patients to obtain written advice, accessible anytime, that might otherwise be forgotten or misunderstood if communicated verbally. It will help patients avoid the annoyance of phone trees and/or playing “phone tag.” The new system will also allow follow up on health care issues without the inconveniences of traffic, parking or lost days of work. 

This new online communication tool, powered by technology provider RelayHealth, is being rolled out with the Army, Navy, and Air Force medical services. Within the Army, the system is called Army Medicine Secure Messaging Service but is also referred to as RelayHealth on individual installation web sites.  The Air Force system is named MiCare Secure Messaging. The Navy is rolling out the system under a different name at each base. (e.g., NMCSD Online at Naval Medical Center San Diego and Medical Home Port Online at Naval Hospital Jacksonville)

While we are pleased that this new service is becoming available to beneficiaries, we are concerned that confusion might arise regarding the different names being used for it.  Have you seen this new communications tool at your installation?  Have you used email to communicate with your Primary Care Manager?  We are interested in hearing about your experiences. Share your experience with us on our Facebook page.

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Until military families are relieved of the weight of war, we hope you will continue to contribute to their wellbeing.

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