Military Treatment Facilities Recapturing Family Members

Kid and Army Doctor

Many military family members have recently received letters informing them that they have a new Primary Care Manager (PCM). At some installations, the letters do not explain the reasons for the PCM change so we would like to help families understand what is happening. 

Over the past decade, deployments of military doctors, nurses and other medical personnel reduced the number of available appointments at Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs). As a result, many family members were assigned to civilian doctors in their local communities. Now that deployments have been reduced, the number of appointments available at MTFs has increased. The Defense Health Agency (DHA) wants to bring patients back into the MTFs to fill these available appointments, a more cost effective means of providing health care to military families.

In most instances, moving back to the MTF will be mandatory. A waiver will only be considered if you have compelling medical reasons for staying with your current civilian doctor. Each MTF is handling its own communications and waiver process.  If you feel you have a strong case for maintaining your current PCM, your MTF’s Patient Advocacy Office is a good place to start.

Our Association appreciates the importance of optimizing usage of MTF resources. However, we are concerned that access to care will be hampered as more and more families move back into the MTFs. Please tell us about your experiences so we can raise your concerns to DHA and, hopefully, shape the recapture process to make it work better for military families.

Have you been recaptured to the MTF?  Please share your experiences with us!

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Submitted by: dooars
June 17, 2014
Comment: My children have only ever known their off post Pediatrician. We were sent off post quickly when we got here, due to post being overbooked. My post does not even have a pediatric office. With continuity of care being such a big issue in pediatrics and medicine in general under the ACA, I am not sure why they would not "grandfather clause" families in until their next PCS. There are enough families coming in this summer to fill up the on post appointments. Changing providers in the early years can be very difficult for kids. The telephone system and appointment clerks at post seemed overwhelmed with no appointments available. I don't care about myself, but switched my kids to Standard. They will keep seeing their Pediatrician until Womack Army Medical Center gets it's act together.

Submitted by: Bunny girl
June 16, 2014
Comment: My daughters PCM was already at an MTF. Why the change for her?

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Until military families are relieved of the weight of war, we hope you will continue to contribute to their wellbeing.

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