Military Family Appreciation Month

Marine Family Saying Goodbye

“If you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” This old saying might have inspired an eye roll or two when you were younger, but the spirit behind the sentiment is what matters most. So long as you’re doing something you enjoy, you’ll be encouraged to push through the obstacles or struggles that might come your way, in service of the greater goal. Military families certainly know the hard work it takes to push through each aspect of military life. Constant relocation, repeat deployments, finding stable employment - it can all be a lot to deal with, but because military families love what they do, they are able to thrive through even the most difficult tasks. Along with the unique everyday responsibilities, military families take on even more tasks in order to serve their local community through activities like church, Scouts, and athletics. Although military families are often isolated outside of installations, their desire to serve and love of what they do make them actively strive to make a difference wherever they go.

We caught up with a few of our former Family of the Year Award winners to find out what they’ve been up to “behind the scenes,” and what it is about military family life that makes them love what they do. Our 2011 Family of the Year, the Arnold family, says they love the military’s spirit of adventure that sends them to locations all over the country, and the camaraderie that exists in the military community, no matter where they go. Here are similar sentiments from a few other inspiring military families:

"As a military family our lives are not ordinary, they are extraordinary. We take weekend trips to hike to the top of the Swiss Alps, eat foods we can't pronounce, make friends from all over the globe, learn to depend on each other and always know that no matter where in the world we go, we will always have a connection to other military members that those who have never been connected to the service can't understand."

- The Campbell Family, 2010 Army Family of the Year

"There is no stronger tie between individuals than to trust another with your very life and the freedoms that it entails to live it. Once a military member, you are always a military member. We are a part of a courageous and elite organization of extraordinary individuals that accomplish the most amazing things. We are honored to be a military family!"

- The Rucker Family, 2011 Marine Corps Family of the Year

The Campbells, the Arnolds, and the Ruckers are just three of more than a million military families that continue to make an impact in their communities by working tirelessly with special charities and community organizations in addition to their “regular” lives that are anything but that.

As President Obama expressed in his proclamation, “military families strengthen the fabric of each community they touch and enrich our national life as shining examples of patriotism.” During National Military Appreciation Month, take the time to celebrate those families that continue to serve in your community often without recognition. Do you know a special military family serving in your community that deserves some time in the spotlight?

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Submitted by: shikar
October 26, 2014
Comment: Military families strengthen the fabric of each community they touch and enrich our national life as shining examples of patriotism.

Submitted by: majtom
November 16, 2012
Comment: Our good friends have moved with the Army 11 times in the past 14 years. In the face of deployments, illness, and tragedy, they have remained strong and continue to give to their surrounding community. They are everyday heroes that should be recognized on a regular basis.

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Until military families are relieved of the weight of war, we hope you will continue to contribute to their wellbeing.

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