Free Military YMCA Memberships Extended until March 2015

Military families using fitness centers and respite day care through the Armed Services YMCA will be able to continue their memberships until March 2015. The Defense Department and Armed Services YMCA contract was set to expire, but has been extended until March 17, 2015.

The popular program originally started to give families of deployed National Guard and Reserve Components the opportunity to join a local YMCA free for fitness activities, recreation, and child care. The program was later extended to active duty families located far away from a military installation. The funding for the program was paid for through Overseas Contingency Operations funds, which means as the war draw down, those funds also decrease.

Check with your local YMCA to see if you eligible to participate in the Military Outreach Initiative program.


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Submitted by: CoSprings
June 21, 2014
Comment: Yep- @Williams is correct. My spouse deployed to Afgh. I went to several YMCA branches then finally the main Pikes Peak YMCA but they would not honor the program (claiming no knowledge) despite having Ft Carson, Peterson AFB and USAFA in the area. THIS is a military town and they wont follow the program?! Thanks for your support YMCA!

Submitted by: Patty
June 10, 2014
Comment: I think that this is wonderful. I wish there were more businesses that operated with our veteran's best interest at heart. Thank you YMCA

Submitted by: The Association
June 9, 2014
Comment: The Y is offering free memberships to service members and families who fall into one of the following categories: families of deployed National Guard and Reserve; Active Duty assigned to Independent Duty Locations; relocated spouses of deployed Active Duty Personnel and Community -Based Wounded Transition Units. For more information about eligibility and to find out how to apply, you can check out

Submitted by: milwife
June 7, 2014
Comment: This is a great program however, I wish it was for Active Duty families even close to a military base. Sometimes the childcare hours,facilities, and programs are different than on post. Having childcare on nights and the weekends while working out is an added plus that the base simply cannot provide. I pay for our membership and use it all the time. I am just glad this service is provided for those who are not fortunate to live close to post.

Submitted by: Williams
June 7, 2014
Comment: I tried and asked ours in Pikes Peak Area and they said NO, they never heard of this and they defenetly do not give free memberships to anyone! Very disappointing!

Submitted by: jocelyn
June 7, 2014
Comment: Does my husband have to be deploy in order for my family and I to take advantage of this? Thank you in advance!


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Until military families are relieved of the weight of war, we hope you will continue to contribute to their wellbeing.

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