DoDEA Accepting Nominations for Teacher of the Year

The Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) is currently accepting nominations for its Teacher of the Year Award. Each year, DoDEA honors educators who have made an exceptional difference in the lives of their students and provided inspiration to their peers. If your child attends a DoDEA school and benefits from an exceptional teacher, consider submitting a nomination.

Teachers may be nominated by a fellow educator, administrator, student, or parent. Nominees will be asked to complete an application package, which will be submitted to his or her DoDEA District Office. Each DoDEA District will select its own Teacher of the Year. A panel of judges at DoDEA Headquarters will select the DODEA Teacher of the Year from the candidates submitted by each district. The DoDEA Teacher of the Year competes for the title of the National Teacher of the Year. Nominees will be judged on several criteria, including their educational leadership and commitment to enhancing the quality of teaching and the education of young people in DoDEA.

For more information and to submit a nomination, visit DoDEA’s Teacher of the Year website. The deadline for submitting nominations is November 29.

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