DoD Approves New Medal

The Department of Defense (DoD) Secretary Leon E. Panetta approved a new medal designed to recognize service members directly affecting combat operations.

According to Secretary Panetta, the Distinguished Warfare Medal recognizes the changing face of warfare. In the past, few, if any, service members affected combat operations without actually being physically located in a combat zone. Technological advancements have dramatically changed how the United States military conducts and supports warfighters. Unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned underwater vehicles, missile defense technology, and cyber capabilities all affect combat operations while the operators may not be anywhere near the combat zone. These new combat support capabilities have given service members the ability to engage the enemy and change the course of battle, even from afar. 

The Distinguished Warfare Medal is designed to provide distinct, DoD wide, recognition for the extraordinary achievements that directly impact combat operations, but do not involve acts of valor or physical risk that combat entails.  It will be awarded in the name of the Secretary of Defense to members of the military whose extraordinary achievements directly impacted combat operations. The medal cannot be used as an end-of-tour award.




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