Media Mentions —'s Transition App Will Expand with Additional Information and Resources for Military Spouses and Veterans with Disabilities  * November 8, 2017 

The National Military Family Association is an advisor and partner in developing the additional content and in helping to identify what spouses needed to see in the expanded App. “Planning is key, and the app helps transitioning troops and their families check the boxes to ensure they are financially and professionally ready to move to the civilian world," said Joyce Raezer, Executive Director of the National Military Family Association. 

Buzzfeed — Dead Soldiers’ Families Are Being Forgotten In Political Controversy, Gold Star Families Say  * October 18, 2017 

Advocates expressed weariness at yet another dead soldier’s family being drawn into a political fight, and said they refused to be drawn into the increasingly heated debate. “We shouldn’t focus on a ‘he said, she said’ kind of thing, but on how we can help the family instead of creating more pain for them,” Kelly Hruska, the director of government relations for the National Military Family Association, told BuzzFeed News. 

Stars and Stripes — Tricare reform rules fire a curveball over Jan. 1 fee levels  * October 5, 2017 

The new method of calculating appointment fees for Select produced surprising results: higher co-pays for the grandfathered group of current Tricare users than for the non-grandfathered group of new entrants. That “came as a shock,” said Joyce Wessel Raezer, executive director of the National Military Family Association. 

Teen Kid News — What usual challenges do military children face?  * September 29, 2017 

NMFA has created several programs, not only to assist families in the military, but also to provide resources for civilian members of the community who are needed to ensure these families are able to acclimate. “Finding Common Ground: A Toolkit for Communities Supporting Military Families,” is a publication featured on their website that outlines several solutions civilians can take to lend a hand. — Many Tricare Users Will Face Higher Out Of Pocket Costs In 2018  * September 28, 2017 

"By doing this cost share to co-pay conversion for the grandfathered group, they have made it more complicated, and walked away from the idea that your plan will remain same," said Karen Ruedisueli, a deputy director of government relations for the National Military Family Association (NMFA). "The fact is, some people will be paying more, which I think is against the whole concept of grandfathering." — Commissary Won't Release Food Stamp Info Sold to Firms, Attorney Says  * August 17, 2017 

If the customer demographic data is sold, it is done so without customers' knowledge, according to watchdogs familiar with the issue. Customers don't have the opportunity to opt in -- or out -- of such a program, since scanning the ID card is required to shop. "I think the department owes it to families to be transparent and open about this practice and give families a chance to opt out if they so choose," said Eileen Huck, a government relations official with the National Military Family Association. — Senate Passes Bipartisan Bill From Sherrod Brown To Improve Veterans Appeals Process  * August 2, 2017 

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) announced Senate passage of new legislation Brown co-sponsored to help speed up the appeals process for veterans seeking assistance from the Veterans Administration (VA). The bill, supported NMFA and others, will now go to the House for approval and then to President Trump to be signed into law. 

Navy Times — Tricare expands mental health, substance abuse, opioid treatment options  * July 21, 2017 

“We are hopeful the new regulations will increase the number of Tricare providers and give families more options for military kids who need inpatient behavioral health treatment,” said Karen Ruedisueli, deputy director of government relations for the National Military Family Association. 

Fox 4 News — Camp brings together children of wounded military personnel  * July 18, 2017 

Children of service members injured in combat are at a Fort Worth camp to bond and spend time with others who understand what they’re going through. "We have a lot of kids with the military parent deployed and that brings anxiety to school and home. At camp we give them a chance to unplug from stressors," Alex Insel, National Military Family Association. 

Politico — An alternate route for school choice  * June 23, 2017 

The Senate has been reluctant to embrace the use of public funds for vouchers. Many groups that advocate for the affected schools and students, meanwhile, have their own relationships on Capitol Hill, and are pushing back. The plan by Heritage is “definitely a concern,” said Eileen Huck, deputy director of government relations with the National Military Family Association. She said even with such a shift, there wouldn’t be enough funds available to fully fund private school tuition for all military families. 

Legal Zoom — How a gift to your family became a gift to the National Military Family Association  * June 14, 2017 

To honor the families of our nation’s men and women in uniform who made the ultimate sacrifice, Legal Zoom donated $20 from the purchase of every estate plan to NMFA. The campaign was their way of boosting support for a worthwhile organization while also encouraging people to protect their loved ones with an estate plan. 

Military Times — DoD budget plan boosts family funds overall, but cuts child care, youth services  * May 25, 2017 

As the services plan to add personnel, the NMFA's government relations director questioned whether that increase would be enough to pay for benefits across a larger number of military families. “We do appreciate [Defense] Secretary [Jim] Mattis' recognition that families need support," NMFA's Kelly Hruska said. "It's not a lot of money, but we do appreciate the effort." — Shea-Porter Introduces Military Spouse Hiring Act Ahead of Military Spouse Appreciation Day  * May 11, 2017 

The bill has been endorsed by NMFA, whose Executive Director, Joyce Wessell Reazer, said: “This legislation will be a win for military spouses, who will have a better chance of finding employment, and for employers, who will receive the financial benefit. We applaud the bill’s supporters, who will be contributing to the financial stability of our Nation’s military families.” 

Tampa Bay Times — Proposed cuts in Tricare mental health payments have therapists, patients concerned  * April 14, 2017 

The cuts come as the Pentagon and Department of Veterans Affairs continue to struggle with an average of 20 suicides a day among veterans. "We are very concerned," said Karen Ruedisueli, Governemtn Relations Deputy Director at the National Military Family Association. "We already get complaints from families not able to access behavioral health care... High quality mental health care is a moral imperative after 15 years of war." — New Tricare Provider Vows Smooth Takeover Despite Dentist Warnings  * April 12, 2017 

"We are hearing from both families and dental providers with concerns about the new dental network, and we are conveying those concerns to both the Defense Health Agency and the appropriate committees on the Hill," said Karen Ruedisueli, deputy director for government relations at the National Military Family Association.  

The Globe — MilSpouse Fest encourages connections  * April 6, 2017 

MilSpouse Fests are put on in various parts of the United States with hopes of drawing spouses from every branch of the military, Danya Devine, senior manager of community events, said. Presenters included MJ Boice, staff writer for National Military Family Association. Boice encouraged the spouses in attendance to utilize their talents and be an advocate for something they have a passion for. 

MediaPost — Advertising Creatives Team with Comedians For Documentary About Entertaining American Troops Overseas  * April 2, 2017 

The documentary follows a group of comedians on a mission to provide laughter for U.S troops stationed in Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Iraq. Jordan Brady, the creator of the documentary also said, “We wanted to recognize the important work that National Military Family Association, Operation Gratitude and other charities are doing, supporting troops and their families throughout and, importantly, after their service. I hope that I Am Battle Comic sparks conversation and donations.” 

ABC 15 Arizona — Some military families fear deportation as ‘Parole in Place’ program at risk  * March 14, 2017 

A program that blocks the deportation of military spouses and families who are not U.S. citizens while their spouse is deployed may be at risk under the Trump administration’s crackdown on illegal immigration. “We don’t want our deployed service members worried while they are on deployment,” said Joyce Raezer, executive director of the National Military Family Association. “There are so many stressors on military families, we don’t need people in harm’s way in support of our nation to be worried about stuff like this.” 

WUNC Public Radio — After Decades, Military Commissaries Ready For Big Changes  * March 7, 2017 

"Especially for families in remote or high-cost locations or families living overseas, [the commissary] is a very valuable benefit and really vital to their well-being," said Eileen Huck, Government Relations Deputy Director at the National Military Family Association and an active duty Navy spouse. Huck said she's worried that changing how commissaries operate could fundamentally alter what they're all about.  

Dayton Daily News — Soldiers told they are losing child care because of hiring freeze  * February 23, 2017 

A letter sent Wednesday to service men and women at Army Garrison Wiesbaden in Germany said all part-day preschool and day-care programs would close due to a government-wide hiring freeze, which was one of Trump’s first actions in office. Kelly Hruska of the National Military Family Association said parents at Fort Knox received a similar letter. “No parent wants to worry about their child," Hruska said. "And so this just adds additional stress.” 

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