Media Mentions — New Tricare Provider Vows Smooth Takeover Despite Dentist Warnings  * April 12, 2017 

"We are hearing from both families and dental providers with concerns about the new dental network, and we are conveying those concerns to both the Defense Health Agency and the appropriate committees on the Hill," said Karen Ruedisueli, deputy director for government relations at the National Military Family Association.  

The Globe — MilSpouse Fest encourages connections  * April 6, 2017 

MilSpouse Fests are put on in various parts of the United States with hopes of drawing spouses from every branch of the military, Danya Devine, senior manager of community events, said. Presenters included MJ Boice, staff writer for National Military Family Association. Boice encouraged the spouses in attendance to utilize their talents and be an advocate for something they have a passion for. 

MediaPost — Advertising Creatives Team with Comedians For Documentary About Entertaining American Troops Overseas  * April 2, 2017 

The documentary follows a group of comedians on a mission to provide laughter for U.S troops stationed in Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Iraq. Jordan Brady, the creator of the documentary also said, “We wanted to recognize the important work that National Military Family Association, Operation Gratitude and other charities are doing, supporting troops and their families throughout and, importantly, after their service. I hope that I Am Battle Comic sparks conversation and donations.” 

ABC 15 Arizona — Some military families fear deportation as ‘Parole in Place’ program at risk  * March 14, 2017 

A program that blocks the deportation of military spouses and families who are not U.S. citizens while their spouse is deployed may be at risk under the Trump administration’s crackdown on illegal immigration. “We don’t want our deployed service members worried while they are on deployment,” said Joyce Raezer, executive director of the National Military Family Association. “There are so many stressors on military families, we don’t need people in harm’s way in support of our nation to be worried about stuff like this.” 

WUNC Public Radio — After Decades, Military Commissaries Ready For Big Changes  * March 7, 2017 

"Especially for families in remote or high-cost locations or families living overseas, [the commissary] is a very valuable benefit and really vital to their well-being," said Eileen Huck, Government Relations Deputy Director at the National Military Family Association and an active duty Navy spouse. Huck said she's worried that changing how commissaries operate could fundamentally alter what they're all about.  

Dayton Daily News — Soldiers told they are losing child care because of hiring freeze  * February 23, 2017 

A letter sent Wednesday to service men and women at Army Garrison Wiesbaden in Germany said all part-day preschool and day-care programs would close due to a government-wide hiring freeze, which was one of Trump’s first actions in office. Kelly Hruska of the National Military Family Association said parents at Fort Knox received a similar letter. “No parent wants to worry about their child," Hruska said. "And so this just adds additional stress.” 

USMC Life — Enlisted leaders go to Congress to maintain military readiness  * February 16, 2017 

In a recent survey of 9,000 military spouses, 30 percent who use a military hospital reported they rarely or never get an acute care appointment within the 24-hour access standard, a finding reinforced by the Defense Health Agency’s own transparency data. “Service members can’t focus on the job if their spouse can’t get a job, their sick child can’t get a doctor’s appointment or if there’s not quality childcare available,” Joyce Raezer, NMFA’s Executive Director added. 

AmeriForce — Will DoD study suicides of military family members?  * February 13, 2017 

After the Jan. 21 murder-suicide at Fort Hood, representatives with the National Military Family Association told the Statesman that suicides among military wives, husbands, and children appear to be up, but not enough study has been done on the issue. “Anecdotally, we have heard that suicide rates among military families have increased,” Karen Ruedisueli, Deputy Director of Government Relations for the association said. “As deployments decrease, people may think that behavioral health resources for families are no longer needed. The residual effects will be long-lasting.” 

Federal News Radio (1500 AM) — Troop increase, hiring freeze could pose problems for military families  * January 27, 2017 

NMFA Executive Director Joyce Raezer told Federal News Radio if the President and Congress increase military end strength, her organization would like to see a proportional increase in personnel support funding. “That would be childcare centers, staffing and resources at the family centers, health care access. If we add more troops to the force, but don’t change the resourcing for our military health care facilities then what will probably happen is our families will probably have a harder time getting a medical appointment for themselves or their kids,” Raezer said. 

Military Times — Study: Academic performance varies widely among districts serving military students  * January 24, 2017 

“We need to look at best practices for supporting military kids as they move from state to state and make sure they are adopted by school districts everywhere,” said Eileen Huck, deputy director of government relations for the National Military Family Association, who also agreed with researchers' conclusions regarding "the importance of high, consistent academic standards." 

Military Times — Advocacy group asks Mattis to back military families, fill key DoD jobs fast  * January 22, 2017 

"Military families need your commitment to provide the necessary support to promote family readiness," the National Military Family Association wrote in a message to Mattis, a retired Marine general who is beginning his first full week of work in the Trump administration. "Military family support and services should not be casualties of budget battles on Capitol Hill, and we are ready to arm you with the information to justify their necessity and end sequestration."  

Yahoo Finance — BlueStar HonorCare partners with National Military Family Association in support of veteran families  * January 10, 2017 

BlueStar HonorCare has committed to a yearlong partnership with NMFA, pledging to donate a portion of every dollar of revenue to the organization. "In many ways, NMFA's mission parallels BlueStar's mission to serve veterans and their spouses as they age," said BlueStar HonorCare's Chief Executive Officer Rear Admiral Robert O. Wray, Jr. (ret.). 

Stars and Stripes — Groups worry historic commissary reforms could fail  * December 23, 2016 

It is a risky move for the military community – troops, families, retirees and disabled veterans -- that depends on the stores, said Eileen Huck, government relations deputy director for the National Military Family Association. “If you break this system, how possible is it going to be to right the ship?” Huck said. “This is an entirely new business model. This isn’t something that they’ve ever had to do before.” 

Military Times — Defense bill promises better access to urgent care, primary care for military families  * December 20, 2016 

Urgent care referrals won't be required, allowing greater access to that care to military families and ending other common care problems — the need to visit an emergency room to treat an ear infection or sore throat, for instance, according to the National Military Family Association. The NMFA called this part of the bill "the most significant win" among the family health care provisions; it would take effect no later than a year after the bill does. 

Dothan Eagle — Local women benefit from military family scholarship program  * December 14, 2016 

firsthand that it’s costly for military spouses to start and stop their educations because of frequent moves, separations, and other challenges of the military lifestyle,” said Joyce Raezer, NMFA executive director. “It also delays their entry into the workforce, which really affects these families’ financial stability. NMFA started this scholarship and professional funds program to help reduce the extra out-of-pocket costs military families bear due to their service to this country. They already sacrifice a lot, so it’s important that we level the playing field where we can.” 

Military Times — Veterans groups: We cannot afford to start over' with new VA leadership  * December 14, 2016 

The push, lead by officials at Got Your 6, includes signatures from the leaders at AMVETS, the Marine Corps Reserve Association, the National Military Family Association, Wounded Warrior Project and others. 

Stars and Stripes — If NDAA bill passes, troops would see biggest pay increase in years  * November 29, 2016 

The National Military Family Association has said troops are being “nickel-and-dimed” and that a higher pay raise is among its top priorities. 

Federal News Radio — 2.1 percent pay raise, TRICARE changes make it to final NDAA  * November 29, 2016 

“The past three years, the pay raise has been lower than the Employment Cost Index (ECI) … in the military it’s spelled out in law that their pay raises would not drop below ECI,” said Kelly Hruska, government relations director for the National Military Family Association. “Service members include this in their family budgeting.” 

The Washington Post — STEM support eases transitional paths for military and veteran families  * November 11, 2016 

“When a service member is transitioning, their entire family is transitioning with them,” said Besa Pinchotti, communications director at the National Military Family Association (NMFA). “Their own education and career are put on the back burner. The biggest challenge is the frequent moves and uncertainty of everything, and not knowing where their next deployment is. You can’t really plan for it.” 

Vancouver Sun — The Home Front: Online interior design clicks with consumers  * November 10, 2016 

“There’s all sorts of fascinating scientific studies that are starting to come out that speak to this in far more depth than I can,” she says. “But we’ve done work with the National Military Family Association and we did a master bedroom for veterans who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, because they’ve shown that well designed, well organized bedrooms actually help veterans suffering from PTSD sleep better.” 

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