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Spotlight on Jim Mutter

President, Board of Governors 1998 

When the National Military Family Association was in need of a President in 1998, Colonel James Mutter, USMC (Ret) stepped forward. Jim was a man who really knew what it meant to serve. After 36 ½ years in the Marine Corps, he was well acquainted with the challenges facing military families and had strong opinions about what needed to be done. He believed military families not only needed to know they have access to not just good housing, good healthcare, reliable transportation and information, but also a support system in place to deal with whatever life throws at them during their arduous military service.

Jim began working with the Association in 1997 doing organizational reviews and analyses and making recommendations to improve communications, operations and finances for the Association. After this project was completed and the recommendations agreed, he was asked to run for and was elected President of the Association.  

During this time, the Association focused on quality-of-life improvements for active duty and reserve families. One big issue was improvements to the military spouse preference in hiring procedures to make the program open to more military spouses. He also worked to increase education stability for military children and to develop an option for allowing juniors and seniors in high school to remain at their school until graduation.

This period marked significant growth for the Association. One of the many struggles was developing financial stability and positioning the Association to continue its advocacy work into the next decade, including expansion of financial sponsorships. The Association was bursting at the seams and needed updated office equipment and a larger facility to keep up with the growth. During his tenure, Jim worked to ensure the future of the Association and increase its presence on military bases around the world.

Jim says military families today should “support each other and try to weather the storm, knowing your service member is a hero, regardless of the position they may hold or the location at which they are serving.”

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Until military families are relieved of the weight of war, we hope you will continue to contribute to their wellbeing.

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