Past Association President Spotlights

The birth of the National Military Family Association began in 1969 with a group of military spouses who were trying to solve a problem for a friend. The Association was incorporated as the Military Wives Association.

From 1969 to present day, our Presidents, and now Chairmen, are the lead Volunteers of our Association. Through their guidance and leadership, our Association continues to be the leading nonprofit organization which supports all military families.

Interviewed Presidents

Past President: Marilyn Sobke

President, Board of Governors 1999

When Marilyn Sobke volunteered to help type and edit the revised Bylaws for the National Military Family Association, she probably didn’t realize where that one little project would lead. After the revised Bylaws’ project was completed, Marilyn served as Chair for the Very Important Patriot selection and recognition and served two years on the Board of Governors. She was elected President and served ...
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Past President: Nancy Warner

President, Board of Governors 1988-1989

Nancy and her husband were stationed in Germany when she was introduced to the Association. Already busy as a Chairman of American Women’s Activities Germany (AWAG) and President of Ramstein Officer’s Wives’ Club, Nancy wanted to get further involved by working with the National Military Family Association.

During a time of uncertainty, military families learned to survive in war-torn countries. It was ...
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Past President: Candace Wheeler

Chairman, Board of Governors 2004-2005

Candace’s involvement with the Association began in 2001, after hearing Joyce Raezer (then, Government Relations Director, currently Executive Director) speak at the U. S. Army War College. Candace joined the Association and began as a Volunteer in the Government Relations Department in 2001, taking on the role of Chair of Nominating Committee in 2002. She was elected Vice President in 2003, and served as President in 2004,...
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Past President: Barbara Williams

Chairman, Board of Governors 2003

The National Military Family Association’s past Presidents have come to the organization through a variety and often unexpected pathways. This can certainly be said for past President and Vice President (2004-2005) Barbara Williams. In 1992, her neighbor Jim Mutter, a Marine Corps spouse and a past President of the Association, encouraged her involvement. In 1992, the Marine Corp was under-represented within the Association in t...
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Past Presidents Bios Not Interviewed

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Until military families are relieved of the weight of war, we hope you will continue to contribute to their wellbeing.

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